Tom de Sousa (UK): Vocal & rhythm guitar.

Phil B .Goode ( F): Lead Guitar & Steel Guitar.
Vince ( F): Upright bass

Phil Baston ( F): Drums.    

The Ringtones are a fifties style Rock ' n ' Roll and Rockabilly band creating an explosive cocktail of covers from the greats and especially their own original songs. They are keeping the fifties alive in their own style and in the purest tradition. With a nod to the great names of the genre, such as Eddie Cochran or Carl Perkins, The Ringtones also pay homage to the forgotten stars of 50s rockabilly. All of those who, in the wake of Elvis, and for the time it takes to cut a 45 rpm record, helped create the sound we know as Rock ' n' roll; Charlie Feathers, Buck Griffin, Art Adams and many more.  
Since the band formed in 2013, the Ringtones have been crisscrossing France from North to South, and East to West, with many forays abroad. The CD You Missed A Spot, released in May 2015, has received glowing reviews.

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Click here to listen : The Other Side Of Town

Click here to listen : Bo Bo Ska Diddle Daddle


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