Brand new band composed by well known musicians of the italian rockabilly scene, Wheels Fargo & the Nightingale (ex Wells Fargo) bring on stage a different kind of vintage sound unheard in these areas. The quintet presents a choice of traditional 40's and 50's country-bluegrass tracks, filtered by their own rockabilly style, plus some new western songs, lyrics and music personally written by Antonella Tambakiotis (lead vocals) and Wainer Rimondini (double bass and voice). Antonella (The Nightingale) and Wainer come from the rockabilly band T-Model Boogie (two LPs and four years of giggin' around). Mauro (Wells) aka Jim Singer is currently playing guitar in the good rock'n'roll band P-51 Airplanes, but as Mr. Wheels embraces the six strings banjo and the lead folk guitar and strongly characterizes the unique Wheels Fargo's hillybilly sound. ......So don't miss the ultimate boppin' hillbilly western frontier sound!
LIVE at: Rhythm Riot’ 2008, #4 Hillbilly Rumble di Norimberga, n°10 del Summer Jamboree, Walldorf Rock'n' Roll Weekender 2010, Vintage Roots Festival 2010 (Inzago, Italia) and many other italian and european events.

Note the band will perform with his brand new line up !!!! 

Be there on sunday evening  !

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