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ROOTS ROCKIN'54 is a Norman band passionate about primitive Rockabilly and Boppin Hillbilly.
It exists in this form for about 2 years and consists of:
Walf: lead guitar, vocal
Albert: rhythm guitar, vocal
Charly: upright bass
Eric: Steel guitar
Their repertoire ranges from Johnny HORTON to Curtis GORDON, Bill BROWNING and Charlie FEATHERS,
and is joined by Astrid on vocals in a few songs.

The Bluegrass influence of Walf and Eric from the MUDDY HILL BOYS brings an authentic
and rural touch mixed with the energy of Rockabilly all supported by the slap of the bass
and rhythm guitar.

The songs of Albert brings a different vocal and allows harmonies with 2 voices typical
of Hillbilly music


Click here to listen : Lady Chevy (demo)
Click here to listen : Crawdad Hole (demo)

Click here to listen : Baby I'm Ready (demo)

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