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Ed Cavin & The Blue Kings
- The next generation rockers from Sweden -
These youngsters that hails from the Enviken area in the middle of Sweden made an immediate impact back in 2016 when they released a video for their version of the classic song ”Love Me”, originally by The Phantom.
As a result they got requests for gigs not only in Sweden but also around Europe, and they sure went down a storm when they hit the stages.

In 2017 they released a limited edition 7” on Enviken Records with the self-penned track ”Don’t Be Like That” and the aforementioned ”Love Me” on the flip side. It further spread word about the band around the globe, and the 7” sold out fast. Not bad for a couple of local teenagers from the Enviken area that barely had a drivers license when they started out.
In may 2018 their debut album ”Street Joint” was released on Enviken Records with raving reviews to follow, the song Jiggle Wiggle Walking Baby spread fast on social media when the video was released and catapulted peoples awarness about the band and bringing them loads of new fans.
Ed Cavin & The Blue Kings has no other intention than to play Rock N Roll the way they did back in the 1950's, keeping it as simple
primitive and energetic as possible.

As they say themselves: “We’re just a group of young boys who wants to change the world bringing back the way rocknroll should be played or at least how we think it should be played!”
Be sure to catch these guys when they hit a stage close to you!

Click here to listen : Red Headed Woman

Click here to listen : Street Joint

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