Lucky Tubb was born in Fort Worth Texas in 1971. He was raised, in part, from the age of four in Tucson, AZ by his great grandparents CR and Margie Tubb. CR was brother to Country Music Legend Ernest Tubb. Lucky would soon become accustomed to the country music dynasty he was born into. In his late teens Lucky chose to live with his father in Forth Worth and there became enveloped into the outlaw biker world. No, really. Having made a run of bad decisions, Tubb learned to play the guitar at the age of seventeen while serving a five year prison sentence in Texas. During this time he practiced his craft and learned to reflect and write about his life experiences in a true to life facsion. Lucky music is straight up honky tonk rendered in the old-school five piece hillbilly style.

Lucky debut album Generations, released in 2002, is vintage style country with a distinct twang. The album takes on a energetic up tempo approach to country / blues. Audiences of all ages and walks are captivated by the haunting melodies in all time favorites Lonesome Cowboy Blues and On That Road. The album reached #1 on True Country charts for three weeks and remained there for a couple of months to come. “Lucky and the band wrap around the lyrics and melodies like calloused hands on an ice cold long neck. No clutter, no overplaying, no excess and no grandstanding can be heard. The sound here is a black and white photograph that you can still see (and hear) with your eyes closed. The tunes are timeless, and sound familiar, yet new, coming off as fresh and flavorful as Southern fried chicken.� (R. Simeon Franks) Lucky second album and most popular to date is Damn the Luck .

Lucky here embraces a true respect for his family and their legacy while forging his own niche into country music. The album brightens up and takes on a lighter approach to tales not so tall with Huntsville. Upbeat and raw rockabilly rhythms can also be heard as Lucky invokes melodies written and recoded in the 1950s by other uncles of the Tubb clan, X Lincoln and Glenn Douglas Tubb. In the spirit of preserving the timeless sound, Lucky and his band have done all recording on reel to reel tapes and without the use of computers or overdubbing. These songs bring about images of smoke-filled honky-tonks, fallen angels, gun-toting rounders, hard drinkin backsliders, and hopelessly scarred romantics. This CD is honest and real.

R. Simeon Franks


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