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Hailed as "The Rhythm and Blues Queen of Southern California" Vicky Tafoya has been belting out DooWop, Rock N Roll, Blues and R&B favorites for over 2 decades! Her beautiful voice and tremendous stage presence have left many an audience with their jaw on the floor and wiping tears from their eyes. A wonderful talent to behold, Vicky is one of those rare performers who when you see her, its hard to forget her. Vicky’s talent has earned her invitations to play some of the biggest roots music festivals in the world, including numerous performances at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekender, The Screamin' Weekender and Rockin’ Race Jamboree in Spain, The 1950' Rockin' Fest in Green Bay, The Hootenanny Festival in Southern California, as well as many performances at Rhythm Riot in England. With a brand new release, "Never Let Go" Vol. 1 , (Christmas EP on the way!), new original material and suitcases on stand by, Vicky is ready to travel the globe to share her show with the world. Word has it that France has some of the most rockin’ audiences on the planet, so she cant wait to make her French debut at the Blue Monday Good Rockin’ Tonight Festival!  



What's happen Saturday night around  22H  ... 

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Click here to listen :  Never  Let Go

Click here to listen :  I Promise To Remember


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